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“The only ONE-STOP SOLUTION for the creation, distribution and correction of academic curricula”

iWALP is the first educational platform developed integrally with both the student and the teacher in mind. Its functionality, versatility and power combined with an amazing ease of use.

Currently used by thousands of teachers to create homework, web classes, live classes to be used in the classroom, as well as virtual online in full­realtime.

You can create activities, tests and real­time classes, games, videos, animations, slide­presentations, discussion forums, messaging and chat areas, collaborative work, etc..

Its architecture simplifies the process of preparing activities, assign tasks and correct them.

What´s iWALP?

Inherit problem with nowadays education and LMS..

A partial solution is not a real solution. It only represents the sensation of having begun to devote time and effort towards the planned goal. In this era traditional education faces a key moment in its history, a scenario of highly motivated students outside the academic environment, and teachers totally out of the universe to attract them.
Students of every age are very confortable using technology in theirs everyday life, as well as agile and dynamic systems; as video games, blogs, forums and social networks. But school is still too static and uninspiring killing creativity and under captivating their attention. Facing these problems, schools and educational institutions are looking for the best way to implement partial, small, dispersed or even incorrect solutions. There are educational platforms, interactive whiteboards, among other solutions that do not meet all the academic requirements. Using moodle, Linspire, claroline or any other solution independently and without integration gets a real chance of failure.

Introducing iWALP, education in the DIGITAL ERA.

  • iWALP is the only ONE­STOP solution that integrates modules for every aspect and need of the learning process. Management Tools institutions, academic coordination, teaching.

Why iWALP?

iWALP is a new way to undertand e-learning. You can achieve o create impressive elements, articles and interactive activities with simple clicks. The teaching process has never been so simple and fun.

iWALP is education´s future, NOW.

With iWALP teacher-student interaction is elegant and powerfull. iWALP has a unique set of features that let parents, coordinators and teachers reach every information needed to understand the full situation of every student.


  • 350.000 academic articles, games, maps, media, etc.
  • Super easy activities creator.
  • Powerfull distribution system based upon grade or knowledge.
  • Interactive activities are self-corrected in iWALP.
  • Conversational moderated forums.
  • Virtual classroom with interactive whiteboard.
  • Complete slideshows and presentation system.
  • Massive mailing, alerts and information set of tools.
  • Internal message area with follow up and attachments.
  • Chat y communications (with ANTI Bullying).
  • Video Conferencing with simoultaneous chat.
  • Full analitic graphica data per student, level, etc.
  • Realtime collaborative works.
  • Interactive games, puzzles, riddles, etc.
  • Full marks management system with also annotation.
  • Integrated super-simple CMS for web presence.


  • Videos from youtube, vimeo and other content providers
  • Record Audios in RealTime (every tool has been fully integrated).
  • Wide variety of supported formats: pdf, jpg, mpeg, mp3, h.264, etc.
  • Image repository from a myriad of sources, interactive paint app.
  • Full featured word processing with collaborative support.
  • Web pages, games, simulations, animations, presentations, etc.
  • Create Multiple choice.
  • Fill in the gaps / True-False (with explanation).
  • Full video+audio recording (expand students creativity).
  • Questions and answers with self correct euristic engine.
  • Paint over maps, body partes, schematics, etc.
  • Mathematical expresions with realtime graphic representation.
  • E-Learning with Virtual classroom with full teleconferencing support.


"iWALP is the ONLY ONE-STOP SOLUTION 100% web with the hability to run on smartphones, tablets, pcs and Smart_Tvs.
It´s design compiles presentations and slideshows on a very easy interface to create impressive 3D content to cautivate students. Interactive presentations can be achieved by simply adding link points to different parts of the slideshow."

"iWALP is the only and denifitive solution for academic and social communication with anty-bullying follow-up."

"iWALP has every communication tool 100% web supported. A complex internal messaging system with the look and feel of a standard mail app. You can include videos, images, files inside the body of the messago or as an attachment. This fully integrated messaging service is children secure and is constantly audited.
You can also receive constant alerts on your preferred social network as facebook or twitter and even get on you actual email.
iWALP has a powerfull chat (Anty-Bullying audited), includes an agile videocoferencing and a modern conversational forum.."


Unique Features

iWALP is an unique state of the art solution with remarcable features included that surpasses every need in Virtual Class, e-learning, realtime teleconferencing rooms, academic articles and a wide variety of amazing tools to create + distribute and correct academic curricula

  • Experience the power
  • SlideShows Part II _ WhiteBoard
  • SlideShows Part I
  • Message Board and Communications

About us

"Computer Geeks & passionate developers"

Fabián Eduardo Fernández

CEO Phantasoft 50% partner

Fabián Eduardo Fernández ha trabajado desde 1989 en el rubro de la multimedia aplicada.

Habiendo cursado licenciatura en sistemas en la Universidad de Belgrano en Buenos Aires, tuvo acceso a intercambios, cursos y seminarios que lo acercaron a los sistemas Unix con desarrollos de edición no-lineal y animación tridimensional.

En 1992 y ya siendo master user de “Newtek´s Lightwave 3D” obtiene la distribución Argentina de los sistemas de video "Opalvision" de Australia y luego de los sistemas de edición no lineal para amiga “Draco gmbh” de Alemania.

Phanta Digital Art, su empresa, se convierte en prestadora de servicios al igual que vendedora de soluciones.

En 1996 Fabián se convierte en expert user de Jaleo, sistema de composición multilayer sin compresión basada en Silicon Graphics. Y en 1998 obtuvo su ACE en Avid como expert user.

Silicon Graphics se presentó como la primer gran posibilidad de acceder a sistemas Highend y en 1996 Fabián logró ingresar en la división latinoamericana de la compañía como VAR (Value added reseller) y Technology Evangelist.

Paralelo dedicó sus esfuerzos a continuar con su empresa Phanta en la creación de contenidos para televisión nacional y extranjera.

Desde 1985 basó su pasión en el uso de “otras plataformas” siendo un usuario experto de commodore amiga, apple y silicon graphics. Luego aplicó todos sus esfuerzos a la comunidad GNU/Linux utilizando y desarrollando para esta poderosa plataforma.

Entre 2000 y 2007 se dedica fulltime a participar como creador de contenidos en medios Nacionales e Internacionales obteniendo reconocimientos, nominaciones y premios como Martín Fierro, Negrito Manuel y hasta un EMMY en Estados Unidos

En 2006 co-funda PhantaSoft SRL y trabaja activamente en aplicaciones y soluciones para el mercado de servicios de análisis de imágenes.

En 2008 ya como miembro de Phantasoft desarrollan el sistema de seguridad BlackBird y comeniezan a trabajar en sus proyectos de publicidad y comunicación distribuida, gestión y plataforma educativa.

Hoy dedica su tiempo exclusivamente a Phantasoft y la divulgación en medios de la tecnología aplicada a soluciones cotidianas.

Su pasión se centra en la educación, nuevas tendencias y herramientas creativas para aplicación en esta nueva era.

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Juan Sebastián Gómez

CTO Phantasoft 50% partner

Born an raised in Mar del Plata in 1984 has dedicated his entire life to develop software solutions based only in unix compliant Systems. Leading technology in the most aggessive and expansive market: web development as a senior coder.

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